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Honorable Manhood Course for Fathers and Sons


Training Fathers to Train their Sons

Epic vision, Epic fatherhood, Epic living!

Spring 2020

Eric Shares His Passion for Honorable Manhood

Dear father,

Are you currently navigating the awkward and oft-terrifying, supremely sacred and significant fatherly impartation of godly manhood to your son? Do you long to pass on a vision for honorable, Christ-centered manhood to your boys? Let's do this together!


P.S. Are you a single mother with sons or a young man without a father to disciple you? We have options for you too – email Nathan Johnson and let him know of your interest.

About Eric Ludy

Eric Ludy has been laboring in front-lines Christian leadership for more than two decades. His current ministry role is multi-faceted. He serves as the President of Ellerslie Mission Society, the senior pastor of the Church at Ellerslie, and the lead instructor at Ellerslie Discipleship Training. 


Eric and his wife, Leslie, are well-known for their book When God Writes Your Love Story (initially published in 1998), which still ranks as one of the top selling Christian relationship books of all time. Eric and Leslie have been married over twenty-five years and have six children, four of whom were adopted.


Visit the about page for a full bio.

Eric Shares About the Course:

How it Works

Two times per year I host a 8-week small group “boy to man” training for fathers and their sons. And as long as you have a streaming device and a good internet connection, you and your son could be a part of this epic gathering of mighties.


Every Sunday the session for the week becomes available to your device (computer, tablet, or phone), wherever in the world you might be. (Remember, you can stream the sessions at any time that works best for you between that session and May 31). Each of the twelve sessions will run roughly 45 minutes to an hour in length. In these uniquely powerful messages, I will be unpacking the Honorable Manhood curriculum that I developed for my own sons.


With only 50 “father” spots available in every seasonal training, the goal is to create an intimate connectivity between me and the fathers. Not only will we be walking through the same material together, but we will also have a private forum for back and forth conversation regarding this topic and I will be sending out a Q&A video each week to this limited troupe, answering the critical questions of the week that they submit.


In addition to this, each father will conclude this 8-weeks of in-depth training with a guaranteed seat in my semi-annual Fatherhood Conference at our conference center at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Windsor, Colorado.


It’s the ultimate manly adventure!



Note - if you are a young man who wants to join this course on your own (or a single mom looking for discipleship for your son) please see our FAQ below to find out how you can participate in this course!

Course Overview


The Honorable Manhood Course introduces a maturing young man to the sizable calling he has received as a man. It powerfully enunciates the unique and extraordinary make-up of his physical body, bringing surprising inspiration and clarity for right and honorable living. It digs deep into the practicals of how a man is designed by God to control both his body and his mind and bring them under subjection. And it showcases the deeply inspiring loveliness of a man and a woman’s undeniable fittedness one to the other and precisely why God designed a man and a woman uniquely.​

Simply put, it's 8-weeks that will change a young man's life forever, and as a father you will be forever changed too!

Course Features:

Honorable Manhood Curriculum

12-weeks of private access to Eric's Honorable Manhood curriculum. After each session is released it will be available for the remainder of the registered period. And after episode #8 is released, the participant will have an additional 4 weeks to enjoy it.

Fatherhood Forum

Each participant will enjoy 12-weeks of private access to Eric’s Fatherhood forum. After the initial 8 weeks are completed, the participant will still have access to the forum for an additional four weeks. This is father-to-father discussion at it’s best.


Each participant will have back-stage access to Eric during the 8-weeks of father/son training enabling them to ask personal questions of Eric or to ask questions on behalf of a group of fathers and sons that they are hosting.

Q&A Videos

Private access to Eric's weekly Q&A video is also a perk for every participant. These Q&A videos are released each week during the 8-week training addressing the questions asked by the fathers and sons that very week.

The Conference

And what can beat a private invitation to Eric’s invite-only Fatherhood Conference in Windsor, CO at the conclusion of the 8-weeks of training? Every participant in the Honorable Manhood training is given one guaranteed spot in the next Fatherhood conference on the docket.

See below for more details.

Eric has a gift for broaching a sensitive subject such as intimacy with an honorable, Christ-centered approach that is straightforward and easy for my boys to understand but in no way crude or awkward. … By meeting once a week and having that commitment with other men, I'm having regular discussions on topics that likely would get pushed to the back burner. I've had so many times in my life when I've started well but then I don't follow through over time. This group had helped so much in that regard.

Kel Muckleroy, father of 5

The Curriculum

Week #0 – Pre-Curriculum for the Fathers/Leaders

Before we begin the official training, we’ll have a pow-wow father-to-father (no sons allowed). In this pre-session we will walk through an introduction to the 8-weeks of training, the reasonable expectations a father should have for the time together, a quick introduction to the key vocabulary terms that I will be employing, and a glance at the strategy I use to communicate this uniquely challenging material. This session will definitely inspire you.

Week #1 – The Sack of Cement

This first session in the training goes to the 50,000ft level and gives an overview of the significance of the journey we are embarking upon. I talk through the history of the material and why we are delivering it. I describe the “three things I want for my son more than anything else.” This episode sets the stage and gets everyone’s mouth watering for the steak dinner ahead.

Week #2 – Defining Manliness (Manfully)

This second session of training dives into some of the most problematic ideas behind the sexuality of man, wrestles them to the ground, and pins them. Addressing the make-up of the man’s body, the architecture of his mind and thought-life, and the powerful tools at his disposal to turn these hostile elements into allies in his commission to change the world for Jesus Christ. This session is probably the most famous amongst all the sessions. It’s definitely a message with a five o’clock shadow.

Week #3 – TCTTH

I don’t want to give away what TCTTH is, because that would spoil the fun of session #3, but I can say that it is really REALLY good stuff. In this session we drill down into the profound creation of femininity and how it perfectly matches the man. It’s amazing that such a fun and exciting topic can be God glorifying.

Week #4 – Sex, and the Six Other Sacred "S's"

This fourth session is summed up in its rather descriptive title. The word “sex” is likely the most misused word on planet earth. And with the way that the Devil throws the word around you would begin to think that he created it. However, this message will put that notion into a strangle hold until the entire audience hears its cries for mercy. Sex is God’s territory. He invented it. He knows it better than anyone. And if we let Him define it—it regains its glistening heavenly wonder once again.

Week #5 – Humility and Hutzpah

This fifth session dives into the deep waters of a man’s purpose, exposing the simple fact that he, the man, is built by God to take the lowest place. He’s built to suffer for others. He’s built to lay down his life. Jesus Christ showed us, in His thirty-three years of powerful living, the model of manful purpose. He was the first-sufferer, the first-to-die. He showed us an unparalleled pictured of majesty, that when studied, takes one’s breath away.

Week #6 – Manful Love

This session explores the concept of love, but from a man’s perspective. When men think of love, they often are very one-dimensional, when, in fact, there are five heavenly loves that a man must understand, cultivate, and grow stronger in throughout his life.

Week #7 – Built to Suffer

Week seven is where we put on our black face paint and yell “Hoo rah!” This is where we delve into the key construct of how a man is uniquely constructed to endure pain and difficulty with honor and joy. A true man doesn’t back away from challenge but smiles at it. This is a message that, if properly digested, leads to a version of masculinity that leaves the world staring back in awe and wonder.

Week #8 – Built to Rescue

The eighth week is designed to move men into a position of readiness. The word “rescue” stirs us as men, but few of us ever learn how to actually do the real-world work of rescuing. This message presses the play button in your soul and gets the cinematic drama of your life started. Make sure you grab some popcorn, because it’s going to be a grand adventure to watch.

Creative Options for Use




  • You and your son enjoy all the material together in the 8 weeks as they are released, one episode at a time and develop creative communication exercises throughout the week that cultivate a greater understanding of the material throughout the week.
  • You and your son wait until all eight episodes are released and then you go on a grand father/son adventure and go through all 8 episodes while in some super-manly environment.
  • Or, you can do what I do here in Windsor. I go through the episodes each week here in Windsor with a group of about thirty fathers and sons. We all bring food and drinks, have a time of fellowship and food, a time of games, and a time of teaching. It’s been amazing!
  • Please feel free to dream up your own creative use of your membership. Every registration give one father access to the material, to the forum, to the Q&A videos, and to the conference, but that one father can share the material with fathers and sons in his life while he has access to it. That’s the whole idea.​






Online Weekly Training: March 1 – April 19

Fatherhood Conference: May 8-10

Access to the Father/Son Experience Online: March 1 – May 31

Most Affordable



Three months access to the Honorable Man Training

Three months access to the Fatherhood Forum

Three months access to Eric's weekly Q&A videos

Three months personal access to Eric

BONUS ($249 Value):

One event ticket for the Spring Fatherhood Conference

Most Flexible



(Paid Monthly)

Three months access to the Honorable Man Training

Three months access to the Fatherhood Forum

Three months access to Eric's weekly Q&A videos

Three months personal access to Eric

BONUS ($249 Value):

One event ticket for the Spring Fatherhood Conference

Eric Ludy's Invitation-Only Fatherhood Conferences

At the conclusion of the 8-Week Honorable Manhood Course, participating fathers are invited to attend my semi-annual (private-invitation) Fatherhood Conference on the beautiful Ellerslie Campus at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Windsor, Colorado.


This special up-close and personal conference weekend will be a time of practical encouragement and deep refreshment for fathers. Many fathers today are buried beneath the weight of unmet expectations. They know that they need to be amazing fathers, and even want to be, but often they don’t know how to be. But, fathers do well when they are given tools with which to work. They respond well to seeing different models of how things can be done and then laying out a vision of how something can be implemented in their own lives. And that is what this conference is about. It’s about practically equipping men to be excellent at serving their families.


One on-campus conference registration is included with each course purchase (dorm housing and some meals included*). If you buy the course for a group, only one conference registration is included but additional spots in the Fatherhood Conference may be available for purchase if space allows. 

The Spring 2020 Conference

May 8-10



Starts Friday evening at 7:00PM

Ends Sunday at 11:00AM

* Saturday morning breakfast, Saturday afternoon lunch, and Sunday morning breakfast included


If I miss the weekly session on Sunday evening, will the session be available later in the week?

What age should my son be to participate in this material?

If I have a son who is a bit older than the traditional "boy to man" age, is it still appropriate for me to walk through this material with him?

Is there an age that you would describe as being "too old" for this material?

This is a very sensitive and potentially dangerous subject to address – how graphic is this material?

Is there a leader's guide if I choose to host a father/son gathering at my own house or church?

Are there any financial scholarships available?

Is the Fatherhood Conference for just fathers or is it for fathers and sons?

What if I can't attend the Fatherhood Conference?

I'm planning on hosting a father/son gathering at my house/church. What if other fathers in my group desire to join the conference? Is it also possible for them to register for the conference?

If I am a host, can I show the weekly Q&A videos to my father-son gathering?

If I am a hosting a father/son group, are the fathers and sons in my group able to ask Eric questions during the program, or just me as the host?

If I am a hosting a father/son group, am I able to give another father access to the fatherhood forum?

Is this material appropriate for a woman to watch?

What if my son does not have a father to walk him through this material?

Are there going to be more Honorable Manhood (Father/Son) trainings in the future?

Can I hear a sample of this material?

Yes. Click here and listen to a collection of clips of a message Eric gave about Honorable Manhood to a conference for men. This audio will give you a foundational understanding of the style, the content, and the purity of this material.

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